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Toton is situated in the south-west corner of the county, close to the Nottinghamshire/ Derbyshire border. The original village has expanded considerably in the last fifteen years with new housing in Toton and Chilwell, in which our catchment area falls.

Chetwynd Primary Academy is larger than average-sized primary school catering for children from F2 (Reception) to Year 6. We converted to become an academy school on 1 April 2012. (Previously we were known as Chetwynd Road Primary School).

We are a partner academy within the Spencer Academies Trust and a member of the George Spencer Academy Teaching Schools Alliance and East Midlands West Maths Hub.

A much greater proportion of pupils enter or leave the academy during the year than is usual. This is because a significant number of pupils are from service families stationed nearby.

Chetwynd Primary Academy is a happy place where children feel cared for and secure. We ensure that each child's contribution is recognised and every potential is realised. The school provides a well organised learning environment with an emphasis on building strong partnerships between children, teachers and parents. Children are encouraged to be supportive and caring and to develop confidence and independence. We are firmly committed to equal opportunities and working co-operatively. We expect children to learn, develop and grow into responsible and caring adults in a climate of warmth, respect and understanding. Our STARFISH values are very important to us.

The school is highly regarded in the area as is reflected in the high proportion of out of catchment area requests.



On its current site the school was previously housed in WWII wooden huts! In September 2000 we opened a complete new school building with two further classrooms built in 1996 and the hall and kitchens re-vamped in 2015. 2017 sees the opening of 3 new classrooms.



Chetwynd Primary Academy underwent an OFSTED Inspection in March 2010 which judged the overall effectiveness of the school as Good. Ofsted commented to our pupils that "we agree with you and your parents that this is a good school and one that is helping you to do well."

Ofsted's Interim Assessment Statement on 15th January 2013 showed that 'the school's performance has been sustained and that we can defer its next full inspection. As a result, the next full inspection will not take place any earlier than the summer term 2014 unless we receive information in the course of the coming year that causes us to inspect earlier'.

The September 2014 Ofsted inspection rated the school as 'good'. Of our Principal it stated that "She has been supported by her committed staff and is unswerving in her drive to ensure that all pupils succeed"

It also said that "An atmosphere of calmness, tolerance and respect for each other pervades the academy", "The behaviour of pupils is good. Their attitudes to learning are never less than good. Their behaviour in lessons and around the building is commendable", "They are unfailingly polite and respectful to each other and to adults". 

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