The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) unit consists of two classes (called Puffins Red and Puffins Blue). Each class is assigned one Teacher and one Teaching Assistant but as we join together for our Discovery Time we all get to know each other very quickly! The children are separated into two classes but have access to the entire unit, including the outdoor area which is separated off from the main school playground and the field.

The team provide enjoyable, appropriately challenging activities that ensure that every child progresses in their learning. Observations are made of the children's interests, development and learning to inform planning. Members of staff continually assess how they can adapt the learning environment to best cater for the changing needs of each children.


Our School

We have a wonderful outdoor space including a new Forest School area. The Forest School area is open to all classes to use. We love noticing changes in the environment, making and cooking on an open fire, getting muddy in the mud kitchen, exploring the bug hotel and so much more!

Our school field is a great place for children to explore during play and lunchtimes. The outdoor classroom is available for children to sit quietly, chat with their friends or read a book.

We have a trim trail at the side of our field which children have access to when supervised by a member of school staff.



You can encourage your child to be independent by helping them learn to:

  • dress and undress, including fastening their coat
  • use the toilet and wash their hands
  • play games, take turns and share
  • try new things
  • tidy away their toys
  • recognise their name


What do I do if...? child is not well enough to come to school?

Please ring the school office on 0115 9177 353 if your child is ill before 8:30am each day. child is late for school?

If on the rare occasion that you may be late, please ensure that you register your child at the office when you arrive at school.


...I have been unavoidably delayed and may be late picking my child up from school?

Don't panic! If you are running late please try to inform the school office on 0115 9177 353, your child will be supervised until you arrive.


...I have a particular concern about my child?

All teachers are very approachable and want the best for your child. Please try to see your child's class teacher at the END of the school day once they have dismissed all of the children. The beginning of the day is very busy. Alternatively an appointment can be made with the class teacher, at an agreeable time, if you would like a more in depth chat.