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Outstanding Challenge Partners Review!

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Welcome to Chetwynd Primary Academy!  

Everything we do at Chetwynd is about providing our children with an excellent education and enriching experiences to promote a love of learning. Our aim for our school community is to strive to be better than our best! 

We think Chetwynd is a very special place to be because of our wonderful children. We strive to provide the very highest standards of education within a caring, exciting and stimulating environment.

We want our children to be excited by the curriculum and challenged to achieve their full potential. We want our children to enjoy their learning and feel valued. By working closely with our parents and governors, we ensure that all our children have an excellent start to their educational journey.

 We hope that our website captures the spirit of Chetwynd and the rich and varied opportunities children receive at our school. 

Parents are warmly welcomed to come in and help so please drop in and chat to a member of staff. 

Lorraine Tonks (Principal)


Nursery2   Sherlocks Dog Blog Image - Updated

We have pleasure in sharing the report from our recent Challenge Partners’ Quality Assurance Review. Challenge Partners’ is an organisation working with over 400 schools in England. A Challenge Partners’ QA Review is a professionally-led peer review focused on teaching and learning. The review team comprised of school leaders and visiting reviewers who agreed that evidence indicates the areas at Chetwynd are evaluated as follows:


  • School Improvement Strategies: Outstanding
  • Outcomes for Pupils: Outstanding
  • Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Outstanding
  • Area of Excellence (Early Years Foundation Stage): Accredited
  • Previously accredited valid Areas of Excellence: Mastery of Mathematics, Teaching of Grammar
  • Overall Estimate: Outstanding


Please note that a Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review is not equivalent to an Ofsted inspection, and agreed estimates from the review are not equivalent to Ofsted judgements.

You can read the full review here.

A large construction area with crates, tyres, steering wheels, wooden planks, tubes and much more! – you will be amazed by the kind of  things we create in there

       A large sand pit and a large gravel pit with giant weighing scales

       A stage area with musical instruments and seating – we put on some amazing shows; Moana is our favourite to act out at the moment!

       A den building area with lots of fabric and frames

       A troll / pixie / fairy garden

And so much more…


We work hard every day and hope to get chosen to take home Pineapple or Ruffin (they are our class Puffins). We enjoy sharing what we have done with them when we get back to school. We also have Golden Book Assembly every Friday morning where two children from each class are chosen for wonderful work and one is chosen for being a Super Starfish, parents are invited along to this assembly. We love collecting Class Dojo points for good work and when we show our STARFISH qualities, our parents can see when we have receive points and what for. We also get to choose whether we save our points for a bigger prize or spend them in the reward shop at the end of the half-term.

Our learning is celebrated with our friends, other members of staff and with our parents. During our daily reflection time we are encouraged to celebrate our each others' learning and suggest ways to improve it. At home we have phonics homework which we are encouraged to complete independently and a communication book to explain our learning to our parents and to continue this at home.


We learn to care for each other in Puffins but we also care for our class pet Buttons. He is an adorable grey rabbit who lives in our classroom, he enjoys hopping around the classroom but also like his own space in his cage! We help to feed Buttons, we read the book on how to care for him, we top up his water and we love stroking him because he is so soft and friendly. Buttons goes home to different children's houses at the weekend and during school holidays. If you would like your family to look after him please let one of the adults in Puffins know.

We also enjoy caring for the chickens that the Puffins from last year hatched from eggs. We have 5 chickens and we make sure they have food and water everyday. We enjoy collecting the eggs that they lay and we are excited to cook with them.

Currently all pupils in Reception (F2) , Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to free school meals. These are called Universal Infant Free Meals.

All other Year groups currently pay for their school meal.

Did you know that if you receive certain benefits you may be entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) and milk? You can still register for FSM even if your child is in F2, Year 1 and Year 2 – this will bring additional funding to school to help support your child.

It is important that all parents who receive one of the benefits listed on the link below register for Free School Meals as this will enable your child’s school to claim pupil premium allocation. The pupil premium is additional funding given to publicly funded schools in England to raise attainment. This additional funding for schools can help to buy new equipment and resources.

In the 2016-2017 financial year schools received £1,320 for each eligible primary-aged pupil. Please see the following link to find out more.


At Chetwynd Primary Academy, we have a vision that underlies all that we do:

'For all our children to be kind, courageous and curious citizens, helping them to shine for a bright and happy future in our diverse world.'

Starfish1Through the whole school community working together, we achieve and maintain a school environment based on mutual respect and trust, with high standards of work and behaviour.
This involves teachers, teaching assistants, mid-day supervisors, office staff, parents, governors and children all working towards the same objective – a safe, calm school.

School Rules - Octopus VersionThe creation of our happy, secure and friendly environment allows children to learn and develop as caring and responsible people, understanding and respecting the differences that we have.

Our STARFISH values permeate through everything we do, and how we behave towards one another, to ensure a safe, caring and happy school where children feel valued and educated.

Starfish Rap


Our children even have their own 'rap' to help them to share and celebrate what being a STARFISH is!

Click here to view our Behaviour Policy.

Year 4

Mrs C Hallows - Teacher-min  Miss D Morton - Teacher-min  
Mrs C Hallows - Seals  Miss D Morton - Seals  Mr Challen - Badgers

Year 5

Miss R Mitchell - Teacher-min  Mrs C Miles - Teacher-min  Mrs G Davenport - Teacher-min
Miss R Mitchell - Dragonflies  Mrs C Miles - Otters  Miss G Davenport - Otters

Year 6

Mrs T West - Deputy Head-min  
Mrs T West - Polecats & Deputy Head Teacher  Miss Davies - Ospreys

Other Teaching Staff

Mrs G Whiley - Assistant Head-min  Mrs C Smith - Inclusion Leader-min
Mrs G Whiley - Assistant Head  Mrs C Smith - Inclusion Leader