School council is run by Amy and Michael.

Also in school council, we are joined by representatives from each class: Eden and Amelia (Puffins), Lily(Hedgehogs), Scarlett(Rabbits), Olivia B(Frogs), Matilda(Moles), Zak(Foxes), Olivia I(Buzzards), Ben M(Seals), Melissa(Badgers), Dez(Otters), Brandon(Dragonflies), Isla(Ospreys) and Lukas(Polecats).


Our Vision

Giving pupils a chance for their Voice to be heard. We would love to make school a better place, along with the rest of the community. We do this by: raising money for charities, litter picking and making sure everybody has a great time at school, following the STARFISH values.


What we do

We have a weekly meeting on a Friday after lunch for one hour, sharing ideas and checking on the school how everyone is doing in school.


What we want to do in the future

We want to make our school a better place by making everything as fair as we can. We want to make the school an even better environment to work in by: getting more displays around school, helping children in their learning, and making everyone happy.