At Chetwynd Primary Academy, we are proud to have a knowledge-based curriculum which stimulates our children into asking searching questions, shapes their learning and enables them to develop into independent thinkers and learners. Our curriculum is engaging, exciting and innovative, helping to ensure that our children develop the knowledge and skills they need to excel, and become creative and curious citizens.

Our curriculum has been designed to encompass knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live, and also the events that have shaped it in the past to make it what it is today. The topics have been designed to complement and build on one another with clear progression and links so that in subsequent year groups, they will be able to explore concepts deeper, applying their knowledge in different contexts.

Our community is at the heart of our teaching and learning and topics have been selected to embrace the wider community in which we live - celebrating our diverse family, links with Chetwynd Barracks and our local churches – as well as expanding children's knowledge of events and places they wouldn't ordinarily visit or know about.

Excellent links with the local primary schools and George Spencer enable us to have a good understanding of the students' knowledge and skill levels which helps effective transition.
We are a school who is, and will always be, aiming to be 'Better than our best'.