At Chetwynd Primary Academy we value the role that reading plays in a child’s education and, indeed, as a key life skill that will prepare them up for future endeavours.

Our Phonics provision is outstanding.  Using the Notts County Council scheme (recently updated to align with the phonics requirement in the New Curriculum), our children are taught daily, for 20 minutes, in targeted groups across F2 and KS1 to ensure they are challenged constantly.  Planning is completed collaboratively and regularly reviewed to ensure consistency, progression and continuity for all pupils.

We use two core reading schemes, Oxford Reading Tree and Storyworld,  which children work through as they progress through school.  These are well-resourced and located centrally.  Alongside these, non-schemed books are Colour Banded, which allows children to take ‘real’ books home as well.  Our children are confident in their choice of reading material, and local visits to the library reinforce the importance we place in, and the love we want to develop for reading.

Guided or Group Reading is an intrinsic part of our reading curriculum.  This involves all children being organised, within their classes, into differentiated groups, reading different texts that both challenge and excite them.  There is nothing a teacher wants to hear more than the ‘sigh’ from the children when the session ends and they want to read on. 

In line with the New Curriculum for Reading, we encourage staff and children to read from a range of authors, modern and classic, to broaden their experiences.  We want to equip our children to be independent thinkers, to argue their point using evidence from the text and, most of all, to take pleasure in what they are reading.


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